Happy Birthday

For Most people, the 4th of April will come and go, just like any other day. But not for those whose lives have been touched by the late Azeem Daultana. For us, we will embrace this day as a day of celebration and a day of sorrow. Thirty three years ago, on this day you were brought into this world – oblivious to the joy you would bring and to the greatness you were destined for. And in every single moment that you lived, you made sure that none of us ever felt alone again. You lived freely, and humbly. You took care of others as you would have liked onto yourself. You embraced life, along with its rewards and its tribulations. In those thirty three years, you were able to lead a fuller life than any of us could in a hundred. A life filled with adventure, memories, success and love.  You are revered, by people from all walks of life – From rulers of state to the farmers in your village, you will always be their leader, the one who gave us hope – Hope that the world is not as cynical as its made out to be, that better things, are always around the corner. You are our symbol of empowerment, what reminds us that humanity at its core, is good. You showed us how to recognize the child within and to be proud of our innocence, because it is with that innocence, that we are fearless – and able to accomplish so much more.

As we carry on with our existence, it is in mere pretense that we do so. For everywhere we go, and everywhere we look, we are reminded of your kindness,  your charm – your presence illuminates the details of our lives. We thank God for sharing you with us, and as we reminisce upon the memories, the words that you have left for us, we will always remember our Dearest Azeem. For it is not the footprint you have left in our memory, it is the footprint you have left in our hearts – that will last forever. And we pray that all the happiness we can wish upon you, follows you – in this life… and the next. We miss you Azeem.

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. mabbaskhan says:

    The things which you have writen can just be write by a mother who feels it truly. God Bless his soul

  2. mabbaskhan says:

    Very beautifully written selection of words are remarkable

  3. Ma says:

    33 years before, on 4th of April, I gave birth to a most beautiful baby. I still remember when he was brought to my hospital room, rapped in white sheet after few hours of his brith. His eyes were wondering and he had a big smile on his face. I could not believe myself that a few hours baby could be so alert and so very pleasant and calm. His grandparents and father were full of pride and joy, and his journey in life began with loads of happiness and gratitude.
    Each year, we celebrated his birthday at home with family and friends with joyful activities and unforgettable memories. He passed his childhood as a responsible and a happy child. He would as a child always extended his hand to help people, friends, their parents and us.
    I discovered soon that this child has his own way of doing things. He would think fast but would still be logical. He would not rest till he achieved what he had planned, despite being over worked. He was careful but at the same time full of life. He would take risks but with faith in God and himself. For him nothing was impossible or not achievable. He was a quick learner and now was ready to fly from teens to adulthood by the age of 15 years.
    For some it may be too soon but for him it was urgent as he thought that his father needed his support both in business and politics.
    From there on, I saw a change in him, now he was indulging in serious reading on leadership, business management, international politics, economics, history, and so on. I would be wondering how and when does he gets time to read such volumes and debate with others to learn more.
    His quest for learning never ended in his life time rather it became serious, and now he wanted to know about Universe, how it works and what a message there is for humans. He brought a heavy telescope with different lenses from China and started studying stars and planets. He would take the telescope as a toy to Murree or his village to show his friends the awesome movements of God’s Work, and was bewildered at his discoveries.
    Similarly, he started paragliding and soon learned it fast to do solo flights for hours. He would tell me on his return that when I am in the air, I feel I am near God and there is no one between us, and Ma it’s the most beautiful experience.
    Little did I know that he was preparing to be with Him. His all life is a beautiful tale just like a fairy tale, which ended honorably.
    He has left memories which no one can match, even if you had met him once only. Azeem, we love you and will always love you. For all of your friends and us, you are alive and will remain so. Ma

  4. Farrah Khan says:

    Azeem was always the first to bring flowers and balloon on September 1. He will make sure to call me to wish me HBD before 12. His last memory of September 1 is, he is holding white long stemmed, fully bloomed lilies, full of sweet fragrance. He was happy and smiling when he gave me the bouquet. All good floral shopkeepers knew him because he loved to give flowers on all most all occasions or sometime just needed to shower his love through flowers. I cherish you Jan, miss u a lot and would always love u. Ma.

  5. Hi My Baby, I don’t know how it started but i know how its going to end. Since you left us alone here, we are trying to find meaning for our existence. We cant cross that road without chocking where you took your last breaths, where your left us. We cant enter your home (Dera) and your home town (Luddan) without feeling responsible for what you wanted to change in this life. But most of all, we cant make our existence complete without looking at your past and your future vision, Its not only your mother or your family who feels like this, but the whole world who touched now and then in your short life.
    My long absence from this site was because of my work to put Meri Dunya together in the memory of Azeem. I am back now and watch out. And thanks to everyone who helped us in making Meri Dunya programme a success, Pls checkout Meri Dunya on social media and its website. Love you all, Azeem’s Ma

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